Morning-After Pill or Emergency Contraception

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   1.Emergency Contraception or “morning after pill”

In Italy it is possible to buy emergency contraception or the morning after pill directly in any pharmacy without prescription. This is valid only for adult women.

The World Health Organization (WHO) informs that the new pill containing ulipristal acetate is more effective than the previous one that contained levonorgestrel.  It has a 98% effectiveness while the previous pill had a percentage of effectiveness between 52% and 94%.

Emergency contraception or the morning after pill works only if the pill is swallowed as soon as possible (within 12/24 hours) after unsafe sexual intercourse with risk of pregnancy. Its effectiveness has to be intended only for a one time event. It doesn’t work for future intercourse.

      2. Further information on how to use The  Morning-After Pill or Emergency Contraception

The Morning-After Pill or Emergency Contraception does not  replace  regular contraception, but it complements it when we are not sure that it has  worked or in case no contraception has been used, for example:

  • if no contraception has been used/taken
  • if one has had sex unwillingly
  • if the condom has slipped off or if it breaks
  • if one forgets to assume  more than one oral contraceptive pill
  • If one forgets to use the  Vaginal ring or patch
  • If medications which may interfere with hormonal contraceptives  have been used/taken
  • If one thinks the days when one is fertile have been calculated wrongly3. How does Emergency Contraception act?The Morning-After Pill or Emergency Contraception shifts ovulation further a few days, so that fertilization can be prevented. 4. Contraception in ItalyIn Italy , the contraceptives available
    with prescription are:
  • the contraception pill: 21 or 28 tablets;
  • the contraception patch: 3 patches per month;
  • the contraceptive ring:1 ring per month;
  • contraceptive implant:one implant every3/5 years;
  • the coil which lasts 3/5 years;Without prescription
  • Female and male condom
  • A calculator that tells you when you are fertile
  • A system of periodic abstention based on the calculation of fertile days (Billing, Ogino Knaus,Muco Cervicale methods).In Italy in case of doubts you can find Women’s advisory institutions, where assistance is given.Translation by Elena Moricca

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